Hidden in a valley on the edge of Dartmoor near the village of Yelverton lies a secret. Here on two acres of land surrounded by pasture I decided to fulfil my dream of growing seasonal heirloom cut flowers. This interest has become a passion and after initial success and great interest we have decided to expand our growing and to offer other services to discerning individuals who want their flowers slow grown and seasonal.

There has been great interest in recent years about the provenance of flowers bought in this country with over 90% being imported from abroad. We grow the majority of our cut flowers from seed and grow flowers that love our soil. We grow seasonally and grow in clean Dartmoor air. We harvest as much rainwater as possible in order that they are watered as nature intended.

We grow small scale but with a large variety of different plants to give as much choice as possible. Although not organic, we use environmental methods to control pests such as nematodes and we do not use pesticides.

As we have a formal garden with mature plants we are in a unique position to grow a large amount of foliage as well as wonderful flowers such as hydrangeas which we are happy to supply to both florists and individuals. We also have a herb garden to give even more variety to the foliage that we can supply with flowers.

I am ably assisted by our Golden Retriever Monty who always turns up for work on time, is excellent for digging and he peruses the plot each morning to help with quality control.

The gardens are not open to the public and visits are restricted due to the present Covid situation.


Although are growing season for 2020 is coming to a close  please feel free to contact about weddings and orders for 2021 as the diary is filling fast.